March 4, 2021

Working Hard

The fate of an entrepreneur is not easy. You have to work hard. However, since you worked on most of your time, there must be a price to pay. The first victim was your social life. Time for dating, family, even to have free not you would have on the early days of running your business .. This might be a quiet life.

In these circumstances if you are very lucky to have a girlfriend or a wife who faithfully accompanied through thick and thin. Because being an entrepreneur is also the problem of durability. Like clouds in the rainy season. After the rain came down, the sky will be bright again. No compensation. The harder you work, then you will get lucky. We had a fellow, his name Joko Mulyono Apiko. He was, “just” tabloid reporter in Muslim families, Fikri name. As an employee – if you follow the theory of Robert T. quadrant Kiyosaki – thanks to our encouragement, and “interpersonal skills”, to communicate, he urges us to be a journalist “semi-business” in a sense, the proper functioning and journalistic skills to write soft lobby advertorial. Although initially somewhat reluctantly, he playing such roles copywriter, author of the article in the tabloid advertorial soft (meaning: the rubric nuanced promotion, with two kinds of compensation: direct sales within a certain minimum amount, or semi-ad). Apiko, though still love journalistic profession, began his new duties.

The result? Unusually for a reporter during a four-year work, purely as a journalist. Apiko successfully achieve its goals. He did work hard, and rather sacrifice his time for the family. Not only that. He was “bold face” dicibiri as a “journalist matre” (materialist, Pen.), Because the article more selective in the issues of “nutritious” alias could result in “direct sales” or “semi-advertorial”. As a result of continued, predictable. Of “messing around” so seriously. His boss, chairman tabloid Fikri, instead targeting a certain amount per month should he accomplish. target, is achieved, even exceeded many times. What he did, everyone in the company know.

Although the risk of being harassed, Apiko resilient. The show must go on. What they do, inspire other business units under the same umbrella of a holding.
“Thank God, my wife is very understanding. For hard work, I could save a considerable value compared to my colleagues on my level. I could buy a motorcycle in cash, in the second year of my work. That’s something I did not imagine at all, that I can afford it. “That Apiko, that because they still love the journalistic profession, claimed to have not only been using half of the potential enterprenership was in him.

“Someone who works 16 hours a day will get to the place I want to accomplish two times faster than the people who work 8 hours a day.”
David Ogilvy