January 16, 2021

Official Honda Brio Go to Java

Surabaya, Indonesia. Most brand products of Honda cars, Honda Brio officially marketed in East Java after it was launched in Ciputra World Surabaya, the first of the Honda City Car is believed to be successful in Indonesia and East Java after successfully marketed in India and Thailand.

Director Surabaya Honda Center (HSC), Hoey Tiong Ang said engine and Honda Brio has the greatest power in its class. Using Honda’s i-VTEC engine 1300 cc SOHC, 4 cylinder engine capable of producing power 100ps. There is a choice of manual and automatic transmission 5-speed.

To support the fuel efficiency of all types equipped Brio Eco indicator to detect and inform motorists style efficient or not. Brio also fall into the category Euro 4 emissions standards

HSC Manager, Wendy Miharja add Brio Honda City car is not unusual if you look at the technology owned and completeness. “City car segment growth reached 188 percent and we try to fill the market niche of the most extensive in the price range of Rp 140 million to USD 170 millions,” says Wendy.

Targeting the sale of Brio Honda HSC as many as 1304 units from Agustus until December. “Every month we are targeting to sell 261 units,” said Wendi.

Honda Brio is available in five color options. In the East Java city car market is offered at a price of USD 152.75 million for the S type manual transmission. For S-type automatic priced at Rp 162.75 million. Type E manual for the price of Rp 163.75 million and $ 173.75 for Type E automatic transmission.

To provide choice and style of Honda Brio, available options Modulo Honda Genuine Accessories. Also available is also a sticker stripes who is wants to look unique and spoerty. Stripe stickers can be obtained at the Honda dealership at a price of USD 1.5 million