March 4, 2021

HP’s stock performance does not falter Dow Jones Cs

NEW YORK – Wall Street movement were still navigable concerns by investors, despite the overall stock market closed slightly unsatisfactory because it helped the company report on service sector growth.

Quoted by AFP, at the close of Wall Street trading local time, shares of Hewlett Packard (HP) fell on concerns about the company’s turn around strategy.

Investor HP shares closed down 13.0 percent to USD14.90 after HP’s chief executive Meg Whitman said it would make the opposite strategy than ever before.

However, the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average which includes blue chip stocks, the stock is not affected by the company earned a profit on the production of printers and personal computers. The Dow Jones closed up 12.25 points, or 0.09 percent, to 13494.61.

While the S & P 500 is more powerful, which rose 5.24 points, or 0.36 percent, at 1450.99, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite rose 15.19 or the equivalent of 0.49 per cent) to 3135.23. The increase in the three supported by market gains of two positive data releases.