June 3, 2020

Frisian Flag Aims Contribution 10% in eastern Indonesia

PT Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI) as the milk producers in Indonesia is targeting sales reached Rp 7, 84 trillion. The figure is 10 per cent of its sales target, it is expected to come from markets in Eastern Indonesia (KTI).

Regional Business Manager South Sulawesi FFI son Hans Widjaja said this during EI contribution to national sales each year an average of 10 percent. This year it is also hoped, could contribute the same percentage of sales as in previous years.

“Almost every year, the average contribution KTI sales reached 10 percent. Contribution from sales in the percentage of EI, five percent of which is contributed from the sale in the province.

Based on the results of a survey conducted by an agency, Frisian Flag is currently ranked first in Eastern Indonesia, particularly in Sulawesi and Papua. Sales in Eastern Indonesia, supported by 24 distributors with 30 thousand stores for 22 million workers.

“The network is quite extensive in Eastern Indonesia. Going forward, plans to expand its distribution network to increase sales even greater,”

Corporate Communication Manager FFI Anton Susanto said, last year the company managed to earn Rp 7 trillion in sales figures. This year, it targets that number grew 12 percent, following an average growth of the national economy.

“Even next year, we are also targeting sales will grow 12 percent,”

To support the company’s sales, it continues to innovate in terms of its main product, by presenting several variants. It also innovate in terms of product packaging, and always maintain the quality of the initial production to distribution to the public.

That said, other than to boost sales growth, as well as to maintain public confidence in the resulting product.

To meet public demand, it now has two factories with a total production capacity of one million liters per year. Two factories were located in their respective markets and Ciracas Rebo, East Jakarta. Currently Anton added, it won approximately 33 percent market share nationally. Market share figures, nearly equal to the market share in Eastern Indonesia and Sulawesi.