March 4, 2021


Some forms of banking products such as loans, provision of payment services and the circulation of money, as well as other forms of banking services. For the following explanation:

1. The extension of credit with various forms of collateral such as mortgage or mortgage securities

2. Providing services in payment traffic and circulation comprising:

a. The traffic in the country such as transfer payments, collection.

b. Traffic overseas payments such as the opening of L / C (Letter of Credit) is a bank letter of guarantee for export-import transactions.

3. Other banking services which include:

a. Buying and selling traveler’s checks (travelers checks)

b. Buying and selling paper money (bank notes)

c. Credit card (Credit Card)

d. Buying and selling of foreign currencies.

e. Payment of electricity, telephone, salaries, taxes

f. Prepare a safety deposit box (safe deposite box)

4. The forms deposits in the Bank

*         Demand deposits are deposits in banks that can be used as means of payment.
*         Deposits are deposits in banks may only be withdrawn within a certain period
*         Certificate of Deposit is a proof of savings deposits can be traded.
*         Savings are savings to banks may only be withdrawn under certain conditions agreed upon.