January 16, 2021

Financing Your Business by Leveraging Your Customers Credit

Finding a way to finance your business in the current economic environment remains pretty difficult. Most institutions have tightened their business financing standards and will only offer business loans to large companies that have substantial assets and impeccable financials. Unfortunately, few small companies have been able to weather the recession without a substantial financial impact. And thanks to the recession, most small businesses don’t have impeccable financial statements – that’s why they need business financing. Fortunately, a business loan is not the only financing alternative.

Is your company having cash flow problems because customers are paying their invoices slowly? If this is the case, and If your customers have good commercial credit, you may be able to use invoice financing. Invoice financing bridges the gap between delivery of service and payment and helps companies with cash flow problems. This solutions provides predictable cash flow, enabling the company to meet expenses and capitalize opportunities.

There is one critical advantage of that differentiates invoice financing from other solutions. Your customers credit is much more important than your own company’s financial situation. This means that companies whose biggest asset is a solid list of customers can usually benefit from invoice financing.

Most invoice funding transactions are structured as invoice purchases – where the financing company buys the financial rights to your invoices and pays you immediately. They settle the transaction once your client pays the invoices in full. The key point is that the finance company buys the invoice, therefore they are very interested in the credit worthiness of your client. They consider that to be the strongest collateral for financing. And this allows you to leverage your clients financial strength to your advantage.

Having good paying clients is a key requirement to qualify for an invoice financing program. Additionally, your invoices need to be free of legal encumbrances such as liens or judgments. Generally, invoice financing works best for companies that are reasonably free of problems. However, it can also be used in turnaround situations where funding is needed to restructure operations.