March 4, 2021

CP Prima Socialize Frozen Shrimp Products

Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. PT Central Proteinaprima Tbk (CP Prima) disseminating processed shrimp products Frosh and Seafood Fiesta. Even before these products have been marketed for consumption abroad, now Frosh and Seafood Fiesta is expected to achieve substantial market in the country.

Head of Corporate Communication Department PT. Central Proteinaprima, Tbk George H. Basoeki accompanied Corpororate Communications Manager Julian Muhammad Riza said, the domestic shrimp consumption is constantly increasing. For that CP Prima target market is still wide open in the country through Fros shrimp products and Fiesta Seafood. Moreover, the product is claimed to have many advantages such as ensuring the freshness and quality of the shrimp aquaculture products and processes are maintained.

For a while, Frosh and new Fiesta Seafood can be obtained in several HCO (High Class Outlet) spread over major cities in Indonesia. With different specifications, Frosh has 3 types of categories of products namely Headless Shell On (shrimp without head), Peeled deveined (peeled shrimp), Cooked Tail On (prawns cooked with chicken). While the Fiesta Seafood has five variants, the Ebi Fry, Shrimp cutlet, roll Shrimp, Seafood Stix, and Shrimp nuggets.

Although these products are processed and packaged in Lampung, Frosh are not sold in Lampung. As for the fiesta Seafood is available at some mall in Bandar Lampung. “For while we were still market these products in the major cities. We will see the market response before., And in the near future will come in Lampung,” said George.

Furthermore, George said, to encourage the consumption of shrimp in Lampung, the institute will conduct seminars and socialization eat shrimp by holding Lampung Post as media partner. This activity is planned to take place in December.

As with many other export product line, CP Prima believes this new product released will get a positive response from consumers in Indonesia. It is also in line with the acceptance of a wide range of local and international accreditation given to the management of CP Prima shrimp farms and processing crops, such as ISO 9001:2000, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), British Retailers Consortium, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), ACC (Aquaculture Certification Council) and GLOBALGAP as an important reference for agricultural practices that are good for the global market.