January 20, 2021

BCA Aims Creative Industry and Importers

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is now eyeing the distribution of funding to the sector of the creative industries and importers in South Sulawesi (Sulawesi). Enactment of Soekarno-Hatta Port as the port of Makassar income horticultural imports eyeing major reason BCA financing importers.

“If all this does not exist, because the importer is in South Sulawesi has not been so great,” said the Head of Regional Office IV BCA Denpasar Frengky Kusuma Chandra.

According Frengky, government policies Makassar became one of the four ports of horticultural imports will keep rising passion economies, especially those engaged imported horticultural sector. Just because the new plan, the BCA has not set a target.

While the creative industries sector has so far been managed by the BCA, although not 100 percent. Financing creative industries by the BCA was combined with a small business loan program with 500 million financing platform down. Frengky admitted, carefully studying the prospects for the creative industries in the province.

“Basically, we will follow the policy of the government in terms of financing, with the instruction of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu, in order to join the bank finance creative industry some time ago, it has led us to learn,” he said.

So far, the financial performance of BCA in South Sulawesi, is still dominated by manufacturing, trading and hospitality. Of total loans as of August this year Rp2, 9 billion, 30 percent of whom are with the dominant consumer credit mortgage loans (mortgages). It included 50 percent growth in assets and the achievement of Third Party Funds (TPF).

Achievement of these credits by Frengky have soared away from last year’s total loans. “The growth of approximately 22 percent from last year, we hope that next year could even grow 50 percent this year,” he said.

More Expansion

Main Branch BCA Panakukang Makassar Elvriawati said this year’s BCA continues to pursue expansion. In addition to opening branches, cash offices have also been opened. At least, there are 15 network BCA in Makassar.

However, for KCP Tamalanrea, Elvriawati has not set a target until the end of the year, both for the accumulation of deposits and credit targets. “We let the market penetration yet, we hope that next year could be even higher achievements than this year,” he said.

In addition to open branches in Maros and Pangkep next year, in November this year also, BCA will open branches in Bone and direct Pinrang under Parepare branches.